catalog is a space
for book people.

It's a little place we can call home in a fractured internet: a place where people still collect paper books and lend them to each other, a place where people read the acknowledgments page and care what goes into the making of a book, a place where people get their best recommendations from fellow humans.

catalog is currently in closed beta (as of May 2024). Sign up for the waitlist and we'll get you in as soon as we can.

catalog is built with love by...
developer • agent of order
brooklyn, ny
Rory builds the catalog app. At the (imaginary) catalog cafe, she tends the boba bar late into the night, where she will prepare you a warm drink and listen to your troubles.
network • agent of chaos
oakland, ca
Glenn builds the catalog community. At the (imaginary) catalog cafe, he introduces you to another friend at the bar.
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